1) Prof.Richard Jat Yuen LIEW
National University of  Singapore, Singapore
Design and Construction of Large Span Lattice Structures

2) Prof.Su-Duo XUE
Beijing University of Technology, China
Spatial Structure in China: New Development and Engineering Practice

3) Prof.Nozomu KOGISO
Osaka Perfectural University, Japan
Robust Design for Large-Scale Highly Precise Space Smart Structure System

4) Prof.Siu-Lai CHAN
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Application and Recent Research on Direct Analysis with Completed Project in Macau and Hong Kong
5) Prof. SunWoo PARK
Korea National University of Arts, Korea
The  Approach to Modelling for the Planner in Structural Design

6) Ir. Hin Cheong SAW
Arup Jururunding Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Iconic Roof of Setia SPICE, Penang, Malaysia